TGE Goes the way of the Dodo

As seen on MIBIG, it looks like TGE is going away, at least as much as you won’t be able to buy it, which could mean no more updates, forever. If it is to be open sourced, then perhaps we could see some future improvements and a good free engine for the community.

Our experience with GarageGames engines has been a mixed bag. As our dev team tends to have more artists than programmers, we have had some trouble getting the coding we need in the past. Don’t let that be a turn off to you noobs out there. GG produces great entry level engines which offer beginners and hobbiest a great entry point into the world of game development. It also gets you ready for the onslaught of issues you face with any engine by seeing those issues on a smaller scale. If you want to be an indie an are just jumping in, we can’t recommend GG engines enough, esp. TGB for the 2D side of things (which BTW is the engine we are using for our first game).

This is not however the first time I have been using a software when it went away… I used Macromedia Freehand for years after its demise, which makes most people say ‘huh’?…


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